Yuko Soi About


One of the biggest themes that I am working on is life.
The other would be feelings of thinking about someone.
The feelings incorporated would include not only joy, but also hatred, despair, and nothingness.
I am constantly wondering if it is possible to express the thoughts and feelings of a lifetime on a single sheet of paper.
I wonder if it is possible to express everything in a lifetime in this form, and if I can feel reborn and zen like a monk if I can get these expressions out on paper. It makes me excited to challenge the possibility of expressing these intangible things on paper, on top of the joy that I get out of painting.

I like the gentle and beautiful colors of color pencils. On white paper. My color pencils are sharpened to a fine point, and with them I draw delicate pictures.
Life and the place where it exists,the infinity that stretch within and without it, these things I etch on white paper.Although I have tried to put down my work and past activities in words that would be easy to understand,the words become formal and I cannot illustrate it as I like. For me, it seems as if I can express my thoughts more honestly, naturally,and easily through pictures composed of colors, lines, and shapes.